Boosting conversion with payment team as a service: 3 client cases

Regardless of whether you’re a merchant or a merchant service provider, dealing with online payments requires spending significant time and nerves digging into the technical peculiarities of payment processing and solving everything that may go wrong.

Good news: with the payment team as a service, you don’t have to do it. Everything will be taken care of by professionals.

In this article, we will find out what it’s all about and how it works. We’ve also prepared three client cases proving the results this approach brings to real businesses.

What does payment team as a service mean?

As a service, or *aaS, means that a client is provided with some instrument or product as a service. Usually, such solutions are marketed on a subscription basis. The *aaS acronym is widely used in cloud computing. We at Corefy added the “payment team” to it to describe the payment assistance services we provide to our clients.

Payment team as a service is the name Corefy uses referring to payment guidance and support it provides to its clients. Based on our payment expertise, we perform tasks varying from daily operations to forming feature requests, solving issues with providers, developing payment expansion strategies, and more.

The primary aim of this service stems from a lack of payment knowledge. It precludes businesses from using the opportunities the modern payment industry and technologies offer. Corefy’s well-trained specialists help businesses fill that gap.

We assign a dedicated Account Manager to each client. The Manager establishes communication with a client and their team, offers initial training and product-specific learning paths to help clients get settled and adopt the best practices. Our Managers are always there to answer clients’ questions and help them solve any issue occurring. They work with our R&D and Business Development specialists to help clients reach their business goals faster.

Three client cases in point

The payment team as a service concept may seem vague unless you see what that team actually does and what kind of support you can expect. Let’s elaborate on this a bit.

Here are three Corefy’s client pains our payment team helped them solve.

1️⃣ Solving issues on the provider’s side for the client

Once a payment provider had added Google Pay to its selection of payment methods, Corefy’s major PSP client decided to connect the newly-added method. The client expected a conversion rate per this method close to one it has with Apple Pay — 92%. It was a fair assumption, as both methods are famous for high conversion rates.

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A universal feature-rich payment orchestration platform for online businesses and payment institutions. Get the best offer at 🚀

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A universal feature-rich payment orchestration platform for online businesses and payment institutions. Get the best offer at 🚀

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