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Lately, electronic payments have made significant progress, displacing cash in many markets around the world. E-commerce volumes steadily increase too. Naturally, it creates a strong need for businesses to get a convenient and secure technical solution for accepting payments online. The bigger and more international your business becomes, the more diverse are your customers’ payment methods, currencies, and geographies. This is where a payment orchestration platform or a payment gateway comes in handy. Does your business need one? Let’s explore the benefits and figure out!

Payment orchestration platform

A couple of years ago, smooth online payments processing seemed like magic. Now almost anyone…

checkout payment page corefy payments
checkout payment page corefy payments

Many online business owners tend to invest resources in developing a compelling website showcasing their products or services. They keep tweaking, optimising, and promoting it, hoping it will help them get their users to make a purchase. But all these efforts are most likely to fall flat if a business tuned out one crucial step in turning a viewer into a purchaser: the payment process. The fact that your customer reached the checkout doesn’t imply a completed purchase. At this phase, your payment page plays a crucial role.

In today’s article, we’re about to learn more about payment pages and…

white label psp payment provider corefy
white label psp payment provider corefy

As we explained in one of our previous articles, a white label PSP is an out-of-the-box solution that allows you to earn money by providing payment services to merchants under your brand. By using such a solution, you have an opportunity to enter the snowballing payment market fast and with minimal investment.

However, sifting through the ungodly amount of available options to find your perfect match may be quite an arduous task. Not only they named differently (usually it’s ‘white label’ plus ‘PSP’, ‘gateway’, ‘processing’, ‘platform’, etc.), they have different features, and their capabilities vary greatly. …

One of the worst excuses to have for not safeguarding your business from payment outages is an “it won’t happen to me” mindset. Such an attitude is a pardonable misconception for a small business. The resources they have are often very limited, and the transaction flow is easily manageable thanks to its moderate scale. Still, we believe that even for such businesses payment downtimes should be an issue providing food for thought and meriting consideration. Large enterprises also often tend to have an “it won’t happen to me” mindset. …

Businesses of various shapes and sizes utilise different practices to manage cash and keep all their financial operations running smoothly. One of the essential steps of financial management is the procedure of synchronisation of inner transactions data with vendors’ statements and is called reconciliations. What are the key points of reconciliations and why is this procedure so important? We’ve envisaged the answers below.

What are reconciliations?

To put it in a nutshell, it is the process of matching several data sets. It’s all about finding balance — like in a Zen-practice. …

Gambling payment processing remains the subject of controversy for many reasons. Gaming startups struggle to enter the industry due to the lack of transaction history and credit. Big online gambling businesses usually imply huge volumes of turnover and the vast majority of companies are established offshore. So, the major issue, for sure, is that many card processing providers perceive gambling as an industry of high risk.

Despite these facts, the industry is actively functioning and developing. Gone are the days when the only way to tame the gaming craving was to go out to a casino. More and more gambling…

Starting today, we leave our brand name behind and become Corefy, with a neat new website full of interactivity. We’re thrilled to flaunt our updated brand identity. Though we remain the same entity with the same platform and team behind it, today’s aesthetic change reflects our evolution and is built upon months of hard work. Continue reading to find out about the reasons behind this change, what Corefy means and what this rebranding entails.

Why rebranding?

As Winston Churchill once said,

The financial services industry is having a good run now, though it is undergoing some significant transformations. The new digital, telecommunication, biometric, and other technologies are now rebuilding the industry, actively superseding incumbents and traditional business models. The new solutions allow businesses to change the structure of consumption, reduce the costs (processing of client databases, loyalty programs, etc.), and increase the total efficiency and quality of business processes. As a result, fintech is gradually turning into an independent intensively developing sector of the modern economy.


The growth of fintech began in 2008 when the global financial crisis forced financial companies…

3DS is a security protocol for online payments aimed at reducing fraud. The abbreviation stands for 3-domain secure, meaning it involves three parties: the acquiring bank, the issuing bank, and the payment infrastructure. It was implemented back in 2001 when the only way to shop online was by using a computer.

Technologies have changed a lot since then, giving space for e-commerce growth, digitalisation, development of new payment methods, and thus new regulations. The fraudsters have also become much more inventive. Altogether, it created a need for a new, more advanced and relevant security standard.

3DS2 was created in 2015…


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